Probate, Estate & Trust Administration

The handling and administration of a decedent's probate estate, non-probate estate, or trusts can be daunting and difficult. The Personal Representative or Trustee faces a complex maze of rules, regulations and laws. Legal pitfalls confront the unwary fiduciary attempting to handle the estate or trust. Unfortunately, complying with the burdens of federal and state income taxes, and inheritance and estate taxes makes the challenge that much harder. The experienced attorneys of West, Edwards & Associates help their clients overcome these challenges by providing legal advice and guidance tailored to the specific needs of each estate or trust.


The attorneys of West, Edwards & Associates have substantial experience in handling estates of all sizes, from the statutory Small Estate to a Regular Estate, from estates with no death tax liabilities to large estates and trusts with a wide array of assets and liabilities, including complex business issues.  In addition to serving as counsel to a Personal Representative or Trustee, Mary Baker Edwards and George A. Aitken frequently serve as co-trustees of trusts and as personal representatives, and are well-versed in the work required to perform the tasks of trust administration, such as marshalling assets, resolving disputed claims, filing protective motions and petitions in court if needed, preparing periodic accountings, providing tax analysis, preparing or overseeing the preparation of fiduciary tax returns, and guiding the proper disbursement and distribution of funds.


Their experience in these matters, coupled with their experience with the local courts and tax authorities, are focused to streamline and simplify the estate and trust administration process for their clients.