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One of the most important and difficult decisions facing each of us is how to plan and provide for our family members and loved ones after our death. Many decisions need to be made to assure a cost-effective and problem-free transition of assets and property. Who will handle my affairs? How can I avoid or reduce the risk of unpleasant conflicts among my heirs? What should be done to avoid or reduce death taxes? How can I be sure that assets are not squandered by an immature beneficiary? Can I leave a bequest for a disabled child or grandchild without impairing their eligibility for disability benefits? Do I need a trust, or is a simple Will sufficient?  The experienced estates and trusts attorneys of West, Edwards & Associates can assist you with these decisions and help you craft an estate plan that meets your goals.


Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives for Health Care Decisions form a fundamental part of even the most basic estate plan. Wills only become effective after death, but in the event of a debilitating injury or illness, your family will be called upon to produce a Power of Attorney to prove who has legal authority to handle your personal finances while you are unable to do so yourself. The hospital will likewise request a copy of the Advance Directive to verify who is authorized to act as your health care agent. The failure to have an effective, durable, and clear Power of Attorney and Advance Directive in place often leads to the Courthouse where the Judge will appoint a legal Guardian over your affairs. Guardianships are emotionally painful and exponentially more costly than a Power of Attorney. When you call on West, Edwards & Associates to assist you with your Will, you will be urged to prepare a valid Power of Attorney and Advance Directive as part of the engagement.

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